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Atreus Global is always on the lookout for the biggest thinkers and most innovative minds in our communities and on campuses across Indonesia. We collaborate with academic institutions to identify prospective consultant, as they are sources of talent and often partners in advanced research. Atreus Global University Partnering is our centralized resource for identifying, cultivating and managing strategic partnerships between universities and our global business. We provide excellent internship programs not only internally but with our Partners and Clients across Asia Pacific.



At Atreus Global, we believe we have a responsibility to invest in the communities we serve. Through our outreach efforts, we lend support to education, civic, social and environmental initiatives that enhance the quality of life for our customers and the community as a whole. In the true spirit of diversity, we work with groups from many different backgrounds, tailoring our relationships and or assistance to meet their needs whenever possible.



Atreus Global supports the Green Project, a recycling collection scheme set up by street children foundation KDM, offers a solution to Jakarta’s waste problem, while benefiting its work in supporting the development of street children into independent, educated and skilled young adults.

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