RTL Development Limited established in UK, originally as a principle billing company for independent SAP Consultants working across Europe.


Primary focus changes from simply a billing company to SAP Process Manufacturing Consulting Practice.


Supports SAP Process Manufacturing Project across UK and Ireland with specific emphasis on contingency planning for all SAP Production Processes using APO Demand Planning, Supply Network Planning and Detailed Scheduling.


Forms alliance with UK based SAP Resourcing organisation, Venator Group, to increase Sales operations across UK. Leads to increased customers for Process Manufacturing Industry and revenue growth.


Extends SAP Process Manufacturing experiences by integrating SAP to external Shop Floor Process Control Systems enabling factory operations integrated with business operations.


Growth and marketing drivers lead to the rebranding of RTL Development to what is known as today, Atreus Global – a SAP Consulting and Resourcing Company.


Establishes representative offices in Indonesia as part of a further reach plan based on the future economy and Asian rapid growth regions. Initiates local business penetration plan and becomes a partner to local and global consulting firms in the region.


In the emerging market and establishing local presence and growth, local legal entity Atreus Global is formed enabling healthier customer relation management and promote local talents and support further growth.


Build key alliance program with SAP in the region to become SAP Services Partner. Expands its client base across Asia Pacific and Middle East.


Initiate SAP Consulting Division plans and expand Sales and Operational in Indonesia with focus on high quality and cost efficient solutions to customers across Indonesia. Build professionally account managed services, employing quality people, efficient technology solutions and stable business processes for our customers.


Build and implement SAP Customer Support operations in Indonesia and deploy high quality support services. Initiate internal SAP Solution Products and Delivery strategies to strengthen internal SAP operations. Create framework and methodology with high quality cost efficient pyramid model for implementation delivery and support. Initiate Big Data Analytics and Decision Support Practice for the delivery of report at high speed, low cost to help customers make better decisions.

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