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Thakorlal Rambhai


Although his involvement with the IT industry is seen to be more recent than others, he started his career in the 1950’s within Architecture. Throughout the mid to late part of his career he could noticeably see the importance and growth of IT Solutions. With this in mind and at the same time, being an avid enthusiast for IT, he founded Atreus Global with the intention to support and help clients across UK for SAP solutions in Resourcing and Consulting.

He currently focuses on supporting financial and business decisions at the highest levels. His contribution to the company has been invaluable and continues to steer and guide the company to further growth and success.

Rajesh Laad

(President Director)

He has been instrumental in steering and managing Atreus Global since its UK inception in 2001 right through to building the foundations of its SAP Consulting Solution practice in Indonesia.

Prior to his role at Atreus Global, Rajesh has worked across South America, Europe & Asia on a number of large scale, complex SAP Implementations in the capacity of Senior SAP Consultant, SAP Team Lead Management, SAP Best Practice Auditor and Senior Solutions Architect. During this time, he has helped clients successfully reach their full potential with their SAP objectives and aspirations.

Rajesh has a Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Information Management from The University of Sheffield, England. He intends to use his grass root foundations to bring and integrate emerging technology and solutions to his clients in Indonesia.

Michael Yip

(Business Management Director)

Michael is a non-executive member of the Atreus Global Management Team and offers over 20 years of IT and Business Strategic Management skills with him.

He has been part of Atreus Global since its creation phase in 2001 and currently focuses on the overall business management of the company. He is responsible to advise on the company’s overall production and function and to ensure its goals are aligned with the overall vision of the company.

Michael has a First Class Degree with Honors in Computer Science from The University of Sheffield.

Nilesh Patel

(Financial Management Director)

Nilesh has over 20 years Financial Management and Accounting experience and provides consultancy services to the Atreus Global Management Team. His role to the company is critical in steering the financial growth of the company towards its milestones and overall objectives.

He has been part of the Atreus Global success story since its creation in 2001. He was a key player in setting up the business and providing its basic financial principles and strategy from the outset. Over the years, he has strategically guided the company through pitfalls and turbulent times to ensure its financial objectives and obligations are successfully achieved.

Nilesh has a degree in Accounting and Financial Management and Mathematics from The University of Sheffield, England. He is also a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) and is also a Fellow of The Personal Finance Society (FPFS) and Chartered Financial Planner.

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